Thursday, October 7, 2010

Escape the Library

Here's the deal: It's the frickin New York Times and every reader (and non-readers as well, for all it matters to them) should be able to expect better than a story about one dad providing diversity at a library storytime. Instead of another complaint about how a stay-at-home dad feels out of things in the mommy/nanny dominated daytime world, why not send a real reporter and talk to the people about their troglodytic thinking.

Fathers can take care of their children. Even during the daytime. They don't need librarians rereading a story to replace "daddy" every time the text says "mommy" to make them feel like "real parents." The only good part of the story was when the kid decided she had had enough and demanded to escape the idiocy of the event and go outside to play — maybe something the NYT editors should have thought about when the story arrived in the office.

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