Monday, October 11, 2010

Three's a Crowd

Cat people: dog people. Crest: Colgate. Toilet paper sheets coming from over the top: toilet paper roll with the sheets coming out from below. People are divided into different categories all the time. It's easy, of course, but so, so lacking in true definition.

So, it is worth celebrating the New York City Fatherhood Initiative, which "helps fathers reconnect with their children and develop essential parenting skills." Unfortunately, the new program crams all fathers into three cubbyholes: the young, 16-24; the older, 24-death; former criminals. This may well include every siring male within its purview, but it does appear more than a tad demeaning in breaking down dads by throwing in the one extra ex-felon category. Do they not have any marketing folks on board the Mayor Bloomberg brain trust.

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