Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not Him But Her

Lack of marriage is something of a stumbling block for fatherhood, although not in any biological sense. The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering whether it's okay to continue granting greater rights to unmarried women than to unmarried men.

Specifically, an unmarried woman who is an American citizen passes along those "rights and privileges" to her foreign-born spawn if she trod upon one or more States for at least one year. However, for male, unmarried citizens, the law as of 1952 has been that he has to spend at least five years and after the age of 14 in-country to have (and give) the same rights as a distaffer in the same, unmarried and parenting position. Doesn't seem constitutional, but ...

The case was brought by Ruben Flores-Villar, 36, under threat of deportation because it was his dad, not mom who was the citizen. The early reports are that the Supremes, led by the thinking of Justices Roberts and Scalia, were likely to punt and issue no decision because ... well just because they can if something is too difficult for them to decide.

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