Monday, January 14, 2008

Calling the Big Guy

Fredericksburg, Va., Mayor Tom Tomzak (TomTom) called on his God and yours — albeit, via surrogates, thanks to a court decision — to encourage fathers to be better role models.

Among the people he should have had in mind, but probably didn't are Scott Baio, who announced to friends "his life is over" now that he will have to be a dad for "reality" tv and shamelessly plug his show by dragging his daughter around:

While Baio can't tell anyone his daughter's name while plugging away on "his" pregnancy, because VH1 owns it, Floyd Mayweather Sr. never had any hesitation about letting the world know who was the father of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather (jr.). Sr., however, does have some problem with loyalties, reportedly willing as he is to help out in the corner of Oscar de la Hoya (for some pretty big bucks) in the rematch of their May 2007 fight that Mayweather Jr. won on points. [Earlier: Mano a Mano; Dado to Sono]

** Sell your daughter's name? Help someone beat up your son? Yes, God please help them. **


Matt said...


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whinydad said...

Dadlabs is a fun site. There was a shoutout to them earlier in Boys With Toys (Nov. 26, 2007) post, but maybe it's time to check back in. Thx. WD