Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Teachablemoment.com and ".net" are taken, but teachablemoment.edu is still available — as of posting. So, there's still time for the entrepreneurial father who wants to guide make a couple bucks off a concerned dad hoping to take a slice of life and smush its lessons into his kid's noggin. [Ealier: Pregnant Thoughts]

But what lessons to teach and how? John Edwards campaigns on the strength of watching his father learn television math before heading off to work. Taotao's father believed his son was a musical genius, but taught him to call the police as a way to get out of lessons. And columnist/economist Jeff Haymond ruined his son's lunch by using Wendy's subtraction of one piece of bacon as a jumping off point to riff on rising consumer prices and business ethics: he says his son gets it now (eye roll, please).

** Every moment is a teachable moment, but the wise dad accepts that most of the time his kids are in back passing notes and plotting spitball attacks. **


Anonymous said...

Actually, I didn't ruin my son's lunch. He now just orders the "baconator" at Wendy's!

And he understands why the meal is over $6! Mission success.


whinydad said...

WD accepts the fatherly chastening.