Friday, January 4, 2008


Reconciliation. Not a life or death issue, but important to every father-child relationship.

As Calvin Broadus [Earlier: What You See, What You Get] says about how he became a real man, "... those three babies are all wanted, and I wanted to be with them." Broadus, of course, is better known as Snoop Dogg, and currently starring in the reality freak show (aren't they all) Father Hood.

While Broadus reconciled with his wife, press releases and news flashes covered the Christmas day star realignment as Angelina Jolie called odd father Jon Voight, who a few years earlier happened to mention something, something about her "serious emotional problems" around the time she was marrying Billy Bob Thornton. Which she didn't take too well. Not that he was necessarily wrong about that.

Actually, peace between father and child can be a death issue. Seventeen years ago, Martin Tankleff was convicted after he was pressured into a confession by being lied to by interrogators that his father had awoken from a coma to finger him as the killer of mother and (then) father. He has been freed from prison, has hopefully found his peace with his father. But not everyone (i.e., his also orphaned half-sister) is happy.

** What mistakes can be forgiven by a parent? By a child? **

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