Saturday, January 5, 2008


There is no easy transition to fatherhood, but shocks at the beginning don't seem the paving stones of an easy road.

So, good luck to John Richardson, whose home bathroom-born daughter Kalista chose to follow her father's own path into the world. "“It was more personal,” said new father John of an experience much different from when he learned about the birth of his first son while stationed in Iraq. “It was just her and I and the baby. It was scary, but it was special.”

And good luck — or medical misinforming — has already befallen Campbell Gillespie. A bit over four years ago, the sales exec was shaken by a million volts of electricity from electricity. When he came out of his coma docs said he'd never be an active conceiver. If 8 lb., 8 oz Brogan, born new year's eve (tax deduction bonanza!), continues to defeat expectations, it will be quite the challenging fatherhood route for CG.

** As it is, to greater and lesser degrees, for every one. **

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