Saturday, January 26, 2008

Get a Life

Passion sparks life in a child.

Rarely are there children's encomiums to the father who just did the right thing. But get Mark, Blake or Scott Clifton talking about their Cliftones' bandmate, bassist and father Gaylon, and there is a new connection. "I'm used to him being Dad," says Scott, "but it's been fun to have him as a member and play with us."

Or, put another way, in the words Jim "Birdman" Scholter learned from his dad Kenneth whose passion was also well above ground, "If you find something you love, and find a way to make a living doing it, it's a wonderful thing." Scholter, whose pilot's license was first signed by Orville Wright, was just following the family wingtips.

Of course, passion has to start somewhereand somehow. So one can only wonder what will be shaking in later years for 2-year-old Joshua and 1-year-old Jacob Joachim when they ha ve fully imbbibed father Arulantham Suresh's passion (?), hobby (?), madness (?) for achieving Guiness World Records.

** There is the life in you to share and pass on. **

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