Sunday, January 27, 2008

'Twas a Time for Knights

While you probably wouldn't want to inflict the presidency on your father — or have your kids punish you with the job — who would be better? (A quick dash through the headlines will point up that not all fathers are presidential material, but we're talking in general, here.)

But suppose your father was a knight in shining armor to millions and you. Then, probably, he's the guy you want for the job. And, if you can't have him, what about someone who reminds you of the dad you lost?

Today's objet d'eBay, is a reminder of a man and time. Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the assassinated King of Camelot, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, suggested Barack Hussein Obama could be "A President Like My Father." Is there stuff about JFK that dimishes the legacy. Yes. Will there be things from the past or decisions in the future that will disappoint if BHO is elected. Yes. But both dads (Obama is father to daughters Malia Ann and Sasha) inspire hope and a willingess of children and followers and, hopefully, the entire country to do better.

** Such words from a daughter are a legacy worthy of a father. **

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