Friday, January 18, 2008


Some lunatic threatened to shoot a 10-year-old because of his father. It's hard to believe the shadow of a philandering politician leak so far into darkness, but Louis Sarkozy, youngest of three sons of French prez and new (?) bridegroom Nikolas, is relatively safe as police nabbed two 20-somethings who "acted out of stupidity," according to arresting officers.

Also struggling with his father's shadows and darkness is Omar (son of terrorist) Bin Laden, "an ambassador of peace," under the impression, according to his talk with the Associated Press that "...a truce between the West and al-Qaida is possible, " despite his dad's declarations to the contrary.

Why Omar struggles to emerge is anyone's guess. He's a successful businessman, thanks to the Bin Laden connections and billions germinated from grandfather Mohammed Bin Laden but only creates hilarity and doubt with every public action and pronouncement — Paris to Dakar horse race, anyone?

Maybe (although it's probably not something fanatics would cotton to) Omar could take a lesson from the life of Drew Barrymore, whose iconic grandfather created crossfiring snyapses in the head of his son/her father John Drew Barrymore. Having survived an early difficult relationship with dad, Drew lived a life completely of her own and managed to escape both the darkness (more or less) and his shadow, while still be able to wish upon his death, "He was a cool cat. Please smile when you think of him."

** Not the economy, it's the legacy, stupid. **

Omar wants peace

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