Monday, February 11, 2008


In the schoolyard or on tv in a time of striking writers the taunt may be "My Dad Is Better than Your Dad," [ Earlier: Is Too; Is Not; Is Too ...], but as everyone knows who has ever been touched by a psychology course — or known a girl who has — the real competition is Oedipal, how does baby bear stack up against papa bear ... and the answer is almost never "just right."

Competition doesn't have to be violent, with the father dying by the son's hand:

but there is competition. Dale Earnhardt Jr. will always live in his dad's shadow, even if Hendrick Motorsports teammate Tony Stewart believes, "He learned a lot from his dad, and I’m not sure he’s not better than his dad in all honesty.”

And whether or not Jason Reitman wins his Best Picture Oscar for Juno [Earlier: Pregnant Thoughts], a feat his director father Ivan has not, he'll still be working under/with/against a legacy, "I have one of the greatest comedy directors of all time on speed dial ... You don't think I'm going to call?"

** For some, every day of the week is Sonday. **

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