Saturday, February 9, 2008

Taking a Shot

"I'm not fighting Julio Cesar Chavez. I'm fighting his son," said Jose Celaya on the eve of his Leon, Mexico, bout with JCC Jr.

Chavez is the latest hope for sons of great fighting fathers. The list of those who in recent years could not carry on the balled fist tradition of their champion fathers include Roberto Duran Jr., Hector Camacho Jr., Aaron Pryor Jr. and Cory (son of Leon) Spinks.

The son of the Mexican champ goes into this evenings contest undefeated and perhaps overhyped. Also undefeated and trying hard not to be overhyped is the paralegal and law school applicant Nicole Atlas, daughter of trainer and tv commentator Teddy (son of Dr. Theodore) Atlas, who is studying under her father to be a judge — boxing, that is, in case the legal thing doesn't work out.

** Will Thing 1 or 2 wish to fight me to take over WD someday? **

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