Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Daddy-Daughter (never dirty) Dancing

Could the daddy-daughter dance actually be an event without any father-son (or even any other daddy-daughter) parallel? We're not talking about the gay dad-professional dancer daughter team on Your Mama Don't Dance [12th paragraph] — that's a whole other and interesting discussion.

No, this is just about the femme tween celebration — usually in the service of some charity — of fathers and their daughters dressing to the nines, shuffling feet and getting in some early practice for the wedding dance. Maybe the bond could be likened to that of father-son hunting trips? Or, maybe not.

In any case, it is a very different synergy created between father and child from others, whether it is a father coaching his softball star daughter or powerlifting with his son. With the DDD there's likely a unique bond being built, memories of something special that will remain forever. But can anyone define what makes it more specialer?

** Perhaps there's the oddity of dance usually being more a part of the mating ritual rather than a family activity that gives the dad-daughter dance its asexual frisson? **

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