Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah, Sex, Blah, Blah

Can there ever be enough written or said about the talk?

Paradoxically, no matter how many words are proffered on what a father should say to a son about sex, they are never the right ones. Today's Objet d'eBay is a highly limited edition of a 1948 Hallmark (?) edition of the "Father and Son" chapbook from the Digest of Hygiene (Australian version).

The table of contents offers pretty clear evidence that however unuseful editor M.A. Horn's tome was during its time, it has even less utility today — beyond the few minutes of amusement if offers during an eBay search.

It may serve as an artifact of its time and testimony to how uncomfortable is the talk about the birds and bees — not that WD recommends discussions of bestial miscegenation make for dinner table conversations. And perhaps it offers the suggestion of father-son bonding ... although the idea of a father-son marijuana biz has a nice glow of fellowship about it as well.

But while the stereotype remains of father uncomfortably confronting son over sex, there are attempts — sophomoric as they may be — to get beyond that and offer information in new (albeit disgusting and somewhat inappropriate ways:

Maybe there can be enough said ...

** It may not be what you say that makes a difference, but the way you tell your tale. **

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