Friday, June 27, 2008

Picture This

Somewhere there's a line separating what is and isn't appropriate daddy-daughter behavior. And it is a hard line to draw for another pairing, particularly when the judgment is being made based on celebrity photos.

Still, there is something creepy about the Billy Ray - Smiley Cyrus picture taken for the Vanity Fair article on daughter "Hannah Montana." [Earlier: Achy Breaky Dad] And Cyrus's explanation may be true, but it still isn't satisfying to read him explain the picture away as, "I'm sorry if I offended somebody, but that's just a daddy that loves his daughter a whole lot. I'm her daddy, she's my daughter so if a daddy hasn't hugged his daughter recently, I recommend he does."

And, yes, it is true as aspiring singer/porn star (?) Brooke Hogan says about the paparazzi pic of daddy Hulk rubbing suntan lotion on her backside that, "I know I'm a grown woman, but it's like he's touching an old car ... He used to change my diaper!" And it is also true that unlike the Cyri the Hogans didn't pose in the position so perhaps even more slack should be cut.

But neither one looks right and perhaps every pop needs not to condemn, but only consider from the flack-facers what his own actions look like from the outside — and whether or not he gives a damn about what others think about his daughter((s) and/or sons) and him.

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