Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fathers Time

Hope and sadness are mixed in the news that 60-something Lonesome George may finally father.

The most famous of the dwindling supply of Galapagos tortoises has lived his bachelor days in relative peace and without sowing any wild or even tame oats — as far as anyone could tell for thirty, forty years. But now he has mated twice. And there are babies. Lonesome no more.

In a similar situation is Nanu Ram Jogi, who shortly will be celebrating the one-year birthday of his youngest, a daughter. It is his 21st child and presumably (?) last as the nonagenarian is getting up there. Of course there is no way to rule out his going after the record of Australian miner Les Colley, who offsprung at 92. Jogi takes his responsibilities as a dad very seriously: "I go hunting most days and eat whatever I catch. Lots of food is my secret to staying healthy. I will survive another few decades to take care of these kids!"

Could George and Jogi one day find themselves in the same "daddy and me" class?

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