Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Mo' Fakin' Aiken

Apparently, Clay is Aiken to let his newborn know the truth about his sexuality: "I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things" he announces from the cover of People Magazine. [Earlier: Judgment Days]

So let the debate begin on what he will teach his son about being a dad and about what his coming out will mean for the lessons passed on to other fathers-to-be. Of course, make sure to throw in two cents or so on what will be gained by teaching 11-year-olds the consequences of turning into delinquent fathers and failing to take responsibility for their offspring. (Offspring? At 11?)

Or, folks can always hold off blathering and just stick to the basics. A dad teaches by what he does and by what he is saying while he's doing it, like when he builds a car with this son, who's on the cusp of getting his driver's license.

Will we be able to judge Clay Aiken by his son's ability to build a car, or will it be enough to see how he teaches his son to sing? Or can we just all hold off until we see what kind of person the kid becomes?


Anonymous said...

Well clearly as he is gay and can 'only' sing he will be judged by how well his son sings as the blogger who wrote this insinuates fathers only possess one skill, in his case how to build a car, will be judged on how well his son can drive and make love to a woman. That is if the son doesn't turn out to be gay, as perhaps to your surprise there are many a gay man/woman with happy childhoods observing their very heterosexual parents change the oil and bake cakes.
I sure as hell would rather be serenaded by someone who has lived enough outside of the norm to tell the tale than by someone who can 'build a car' like his dad. That is if Clay's son doesn't turn out gay as blogger implies he most likely will be, as we all do as our parents do. Or could it be that some of us grow up to be rounded human beings and not complete automatons who just simply copy what our parents do and say when they help us to build cars.
I was searching for a blog for my friend who has just had a child and whose husband is taking quite some time realizing the implications of becoming a parent. Safe to say this page will never be mentioned in passing or conversation but be forgotten in silence as soon as I post this comment.

whinydad said...

And so on a calm, cool and intellectual note the debate begins.