Thursday, January 8, 2009

Imagining Steve

OMG!!! It's like the Three Faces of Eve, if Eve were named Steve, the star of a daddy's life mashup. LOL!!! Whatever. As if.

Or, to be clearer, what does it mean for the idea of fatherhood when pop culture deconstructs itself in such a way that: (1) print and digital media can "celebrate" (basically) single dad Jamie Spears given legal control of daughter Britney, 27, for the rest of her (and his?) life; (2) single dad Jason Mesnick can be objectified and made to look silly as part of ABC's The Bachelor ... a role that MomLogic fairly points out would never be allowed for a single mom; and that (3) Finnish opera celebrates the pop who got offed in the war as he is missed in Ollie Kortekangas's Isän tyttö (Daddy’s Girl).

Today's assignment is to create the MySpace page for Steve, legally burdened by a poptart who is searching for love while dodging (ultimately futiley) the dogs of war.

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