Friday, February 20, 2009

Snatching a Celebrity 15

Oy! Vat a conundrum.

On the one hand pop culture brings us the dueling Brown and Fenty dads. (Well, they're not actually dueling and Chris, son of Clinton Brown, hitting Rihanna, daughter of Ronald Fenty, is in no way humorous.) As they battle for the 15 minutes of fame one will surely gain out of this — unless, of course, they somehow manage to share it — Brown expresses his son's remorse, while Fenty offers the more handsoff parenting style of not telling his daughter what to do, but offering the media the opinion that, "If it were me, I'd move on."

On the other hand comes the surprising news of the DVD release of the 80s sit-com My Two Dads. (Who could have imagined there was interest?) Amazingly, the show about a teenage girl raised by two men, only one of whom could be her biological father, although nobody would ever know who (unless someone eventuallly decided to take a DNA test) limped through three seasons.

So, the dilemma is what kind of mash-up to promote celebrity spinoffing do we go with here. Should Brown and Fenty have a reality show where they have to work together as survivors, living a surreal life of celebrity. Or, should they get a sit com, like MTDs, where they have to bring their own styles and "skills" to bear on an aspring celeb?

Surely there's some boob-tube magic to be made here if only someone could offer the wisdom (?) of the right way to go.

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