Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Age of InNoSense

Wouldn't life be easier if everyone could agree on what is an appropriate age to become a father? Well, wouldn't it at least be easier for the child?

The too-old father possibly endangers the life and intelligence of his child. Too young and he doesn't seem to have much idea of what he is doing with his own life, much less that of young junior or the new mom.

Landing today on the younger dad side of the problem, we wish good luck to Tripp Palin, whose father Levi Johnston, 19, still seems overwhelmed by the relationship with the media he landed atop. And best wishes as well to Grace Yannetta, whose pop Matthew Burns, 18, found out via a cell phone pic that Grace had arrived, via the 19-year-old new mum who started to get some pains in her side and was quite surprised herself to find out she was having a baby.

Maybe it shouldn't be an age thing? Perhaps we could come up with an intelligence test that potential dads (and certainly potential moms) would have to pass before they were allowed into the loyal order of parenthood?

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