Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buy vs. Build

And now another of the problems confronting the father who wants to be a part of the life of his children. Should he build bookshelves or just bring an ice cream cone?

On the side of construction are the fathers from Lisbon, Ohio, who joined with each other and their kids to create a better life through decoration for their children in the local Head Start classrooms. The idea was based on the philosophy that kids will do better when their fathers are involved in many different aspects of their lives.

However, according to Kirk Douglas, 92, all his success in life was destined from the moment his father, who had previously ignored him, bought him an ice cream cone to commemorate his performance in the kindergarten play. He became an actor and recently had the chance to close a run of his one-man play in California by having his son, actor Michael, bring him to tears with the on-stage gift of an ice cream cone in lieu of the more traditional flowers.

So do you build or buy?

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