Monday, March 30, 2009


According to a recent survey from the Families and Work Institute, more and more dads want to give their children time, even though it will add stress to their (the fathers') lives. Naturally, few children recognize — and almost nobody appreciates — the true gift fathers are trying to give.

In an extreme case, a son in Lagos, a cripple, hacked his 70-year-old dad to death, apparently under the assumption that pops had gifted him cancer. In a less extreme, although much more common case, the child just believes his or her father is insane and is insisting on sharing portions of that (although there are certainly cases, in the cases of boys at least, where they do become fathers and realize that true insanity comes from trying to take care of kids).

So, it is the story of the generations. A father gives; a child complains. The child ages; the father begins to look a little better.

But the father only looks a little better to the child. To everyone else, the father has aged to the irredeemable point of ridiculousness and will never return from the isle of crazy where all dads live:

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