Saturday, March 21, 2009

Facing Choices with Wisdom

Obviously, take care of dad should be the numero uno guiding principle for children and decisions should be easy. Life, unfortunately, just doesn't work out that way.

Not everyone may get the chance, like Peru congresswoman Keiko Fukimoro, to pardon pop — controversial former dictatorial prez Alberto Fujimoro — and save him from prison time. That is, you don't always get to be a hero.

Usually taking care of dad these works out to be something a bit more difficult to manage, like defriending him on Facebook — because he doesn't understand when you say you're engaged there but really are not — or you have to cease his consulting contract with your company, that is fire him (for the second time in recent years) because business has been dropping off.

What are needed is one set of guiding principles, words from a wise father that will bring comfort and wisdom in all circumstances:

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