Friday, March 20, 2009

Fame Game

I can't help it. When Thing get a 100 on a test or score a goal, I tell them how proud I am for them, but (truth be told) there's a little bit of me celebrating me going on as well. Fathers see themselves in their children.

And this brings us to today's guessing game: can you match the son with the famous dad, and guess their reaction to the son's success?

Son One is making his way in the movies and on the stage along the same, generally good guy path as his dad. When asked about his association with his dad, he said: "... if I change my name, then I'm going to be asked, 'Why did you feel you had to change your name?' It always comes up, but it wasn't until people started asking me a million questions that I had to sit and take stock of stuff. It is what it is."

Son Two just called his dad "cheap" on television, because he wouldn't bail him out of a $5000 personal trainer bill that the son told the trainer he would pay, just as he had paid previously. (It's not clear anyone ever told the father prior to the billing that he was on the hook.)

Son Three just earned a college scholarship for his basketball play, which may not have meant much to the family checkbook of his multi-millionaire, sky-leaping pop, but did make the son cry for its validation of his hoopsiness.

And the answers for the sons are:

Son One: Colin "son of actor Tom"Hanks, in the news for his current starring Broadway and Hollywood roles.
Son Two: Sean "son of rocker and aged roue Rod" Stewart in the news for an appearance on "Judge Jeanne."
Son Three: Jeff "son of bball icon Michael" Jordan, who takes his first turn in the NCAA men's basketball tournament, coming off the bench for Illinois.

The answers for the dads? Surely, at least two of them are proud, but only a father really knows how much of himself he sees in his kid's actions.

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