Monday, March 9, 2009

Into the Beyond.

Is it more impressive for a father to head into a place where society has never seen a dad before, or is it overwhelming enough when a father takes only himself to a place nobody could ever have imagined him? Why not vote?

Those who opt for the society changer can consider the case of Army Reserve Lt. Col. Keith Reagan, a father, one of a few, leading a girl scout troop. If ever there was a glass ceiling men couldn't break through it would have seemed to be the world of GSA.

However, while Reagan challenges society, Marc Tremitier challenged himself. Although he's pretty blase — saying of his experience only, "That was life. It takes you for a ride...." — the story in words and pictures of how he delivered his baby boy Niko is breathtakingly haunting. He has been changed.

So, it's society or the invididual. Which father deserves your vote for going further beyond presumed barriers?

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