Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love Songs

It's nearly spring. Everything is about to bloom and so it's time for the seeds of affection to burst and bloom into love songs, father-child tunes of adoration and devotion.

Among the most serious to note is the music that will make up part of "The Gloria Song," a concert of Kansan Dana Mengel's chorales to raise funds to support the continuing treatment of his 10-year-old daughter, Gloria, whose brain tumor has forced her to endure multiple rounds of chemotherapy and now radiation.

A composer with more swing to his step these days is Aaron J. Johnson, who has packed nine of his own compositions and a cover of Joe Henderson's "Our Thing" into his new "Songs of Our Fathers," dedicated honorably enough to his dad.

Two pops still without recording contracts or much more than heart and homemade videos are RudeRocker and UkuleleRocker, but they too have some words in their head and music in their heart about their kids that just need to be shared:

From classical to kitsch, it's all about the love.

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