Saturday, March 14, 2009

Job Jabbering

Times are tough and it is time to get some dads to work.

A Brandon (Fla.) dad, the former marketing director of an NHL club, needing a job is "smart, creative and hardworking," according to his son

A Gaylord (Mich.) dad has a job and considers himself blessed, but he also has five kids he has fought to keep and to keep together and could use some support as he tries to keep climbing up the social ladder.

Rounding out today's let's-get-dad-a-job report is early 90s pop and rapper and poprapper Stanley Kirk Burrel [Earlier: Daddy (Dog) Days of Summer], who has had a judge's hammer come down on him in bankruptcy proceedings and who is now being sued for $60,000+ because he has decided to dance away from writing his book on being a father. Unfortunately, the suit is the most publicity he's had in a while; hopefully it leads to some ratings for "Hammertime," the projected A&E series being shot of him dadding it up for his five kids.

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