Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Troubles Search for Solutions

Face it, we have issues. The trials of television's single dads has nothing on what is really happening. And reality could make for some truly captivating TV, not that crappy "reality" stuff.

Perhaps nothing more needs to be said than Sheboygan ... okay, perhaps a bit more might be helpful. Anyway, from the Wisconsin wonder city comes news of a dad who hid his son from the police to keep him from having to pay a few overdue fines. Brian Paarmann turned out to be a bad good liar, not fooling the police at all when he said his son wasn't home. So, he got busted for lieing (and for having substantial amounts of marijuana and drug toys) and his son was tasered to "encourage" him to emerge from his hiding place in the closet.

And the stories just keep coming, including that of a father battling the discrimination he faces when confronted with a social welfare system that doesn't respect him because he's a man. Of course, not every dad has a good solution to what confronts him, like the poor Filipino dad who
fried and ate his son's dog in front of him as the spark that lit the fire Manny Pacquiao needed to become one of today's toughest fighters.

In any case, while it may be impossible to fix all the issues, but come one, come all and see at least a few worked through at The Seventh Annual Kansas Fatherhood Summit April 2-3, because if you can make it in Wichita, then Sheboygan shouldn't be that much of a challenge.

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