Wednesday, March 25, 2009

U Da Bstest

What does it mean when "they" say, "You're the bestest daddy in the whole world."

To begin, obviously, it is important to know who "they" are. However, assuming it is a child of yours, does it mean you have done whatever it takes to give your loved one something s/he wants for its satiation of a current desire or that you have done something that will live with them and change their lives for the better and forever?

I'd like to think it's the second choice — in full disclosure, I've never heard those words uttered without irony or sarcasm by Things One or Two — which is just one of the reasons I won't be running off to enter the Mr. Montana Karaoke Challenge. This Disney promo stunt encourages dads to dress up as Hannah Montana [Earlier: Picture This] and lip sync their guts out in the middle of Mall of America in order to win a trip for their beloveds to the new HM movie. (Even if Things One or Two still watched the show, I doubt this would win the YTBDITWW designation; I don't think the Youtbue of me as Miley would win them many cool points with their friends.)

It is also true that I probably won't be making the decision to live the life of Leonard Bernstein, whose daughter Jamie is among his children carrying on his legacy with children and music. Nor will I create something as influential as Gene Roddenberry, whose son Rod/Jr. shoulders the mandala of Trek. Still, if these short reports are any guide, I have to believe T1 and T2 would be happier for many years longer if I can some how even faintly follow in the creative footsteps of Lenny or Gene rather than grab a few minutes of the limelight and a couple plane tickets at the cost of their dignity.

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