Thursday, April 30, 2009

J&K+8 - K = A Better Idea

Assuming all the paparazzi-media brouhaha over TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8 is true and the Gosselins [Earlier: Ultimate Fictional (Fathering) Championship] are goners, marriage-wise, "Could it soon be just Kate Plus 8?" is still not an acceptable lede. As noted more than once a particularly memorable episode of "real life" for the family of eight showed wife Kate criticizing no-prize Jon for breathing.

Is there any way American can be asked to vote to kick her off the reality island and have father OctoJon take care of the twins and sextuplets? If by chance any of the five daughters comes forward years from now to claim a parent was really the Zodiac killer who terrorized the San Francisco area years ago, for example, is there anyone who doesn't believe that she would be fingering Kate? (She is certainly the more annoying one in the eyes of Thing 2, a big J&K+8 fan.)

Hopefully, joint custody can be worked out — or whatever is best for the 8 — but the automatic assumption (and even after seeing her on television and knowing that she spends most of her time promoting herself through books and speeches?!) that the mom automatically should get the kids is somewhere between insulting to dads and just plain stupid.

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