Friday, May 1, 2009

A Time for Tears

It is true there might be hope to be found in sorrow. It is not true it is easy when the sadness is as profound as a child's loss of a father, or a father's loss of a child.

The Boston Globe reports on a group of men whose strongest bond is their shared loss of a child and their need to keep on going on. Their body moves on earth, but for the fathers forever, a piece of their soul and many of their thoughts seem always to be in another place. The Salt Lake Tribune tells the tale from the other side, reporting on a 6-year-old who accepted his father's posthumously-awarded Silver Star for service in Afghanistan.

Finally, bringing both sides together and sparking a question of sad sad can be, The Toronto Star shares text and video of a child who lost his father and now struggles for his life. Five-year-old Justin, whose 31-year-old father passed from undetermined causes two years ago, is currently fighting a malignant cancer.

Hope? Hardly!

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