Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Thing One was thwarted this morning throughout the wake-up to drop-off-at-school time. Almost.

She looked for a fight upon awakening, while eating and then tried to pick one with T2 while we sat and waited for the final outfit iteration to take shape. It was not until the actual moment of pulling to the curb in front of the school that she found her moment. She yelled because we didn't pull into the parking lot and save (approximately) 37 steps to the entrance.

It is wrong to hire hit men to off your daughter when she doesn't dress like you want. And no matter how crowded the car or how little you might want to hear from them, stuffing your kids in the trunk is also a bit too faux pas. Still, being subject to an eruption while doing what the rules require does give one a bit more sympathy for the dads who lose their senses and have to rely on someone, anyone, to find them.

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