Monday, April 13, 2009

Watching Pops

Oprah brings dad-o-nine Larry Shine [Earlier: The Home Body] to the forefront with today's show. He'll be featured in Unconventional, Unforgettable Dads along with a writing pop getting help from 1000s of women he only knows online and a dad in stars, stripes and fatigues.

For those who prefer their U,U dads documentaried rather than TVed, "In a Dream" has just opened. Jeremiah Zagar set out to capture a little bit of the background to his father's work. Instead, he filmed Philadelphia artist Isaiah Zagar offering himself in the words and images that captured the high- and lowlights of a fractured life and gave himself a picture of his dad he never imagined before.

The two "celebrations" will be very different. While neither will answer for everyman whether to turn their video lens on a father or let his children turn theirs on him, they are both clear in their warning: when you look closely at dads, they're never what they first appear.

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