Monday, May 4, 2009


Dads are often larger than life, doing things for their children that nobody else (certainly not mothers) can do. However, the perspective the kids take away from this demi-god status isn't always positive.

Coming soon from Jeremy Massie is the graphic novel, The Deadbeat, which tells the story of a superhero dad and the daughter he estranged. Massie says the Big D isn't based on his own father, still it is worth wondering what about his own and other dads he sees that others might see differently.

Perspective isn't absolute truth, of course. It's just one person's view of what happened. So, having one daughter say her father was San Francisco's Zodiac Killer [Earlier: J&K+8-K=A Better Idea] and another daughter announces that he absolutely couldn't be doesn't define either the kids or the father. Still, the perspectives do give some new clues to who they all are.

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