Monday, May 25, 2009

Waiting on Revenge

Should you happen to be wandering through Owen Sound, Ontario — or need a reason for going — consider stopping by to see Dads2: The Toddler's Revenge. D2 is the musical sequel to Dads in Bondage, which also used puppets for kids (as if that were actually possible) and was also inspired in the mind of Robert More, father of four.

In talking of his work, More explains it's all about parent choices of how to live their life once they have had kids. At least for publicity purposes he is willing to go out on a limb to suggest, "...[fathers need] to keep your curiosity, to find the surprises, to keep the joy in life. And family life is one way to get there."

More starts his work with children already in the picture, which is why his work might not speak to Desmond Hatchett. The 29-year-old Tennessean has caused a bit of a problem for the state by impregnating 11 different women to the tune of 20 (or maybe 21) children. As a court decides how to spread his $400 child support payments equitably among all entitled to them, he says he's done playing sperminator, which would suggest he has exhausted his curiosity, found all the surprises and lost all the joy of his life. Family life? Not!

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