Friday, June 19, 2009

Gifts That Keep on Giving ... With Limits

Barry the GO (Great Orator) waxes poetic about what dads should give their kids. Some, however, go far beyond his imaginings.

A Scottish pop provided a kidney months before his dying daughter's wedding. She lived and happily married, which would seem to suggest this gift as setting the bar of how science has enabled dads to give. But science offers even more.

Now the dead can give life. Three years after California's Bruce Verner passed on, his widow inseminated herself with sperm she "extracted" (?) shortly after his death. Unfortunately for his daughter, science is a bit more giving than law as a U.S. district court has just ruled that she is not eligible for the deceased's social security benefits as a "survivor" of her father.

Apparently, science can take dads to a place well beyond rhetoric.

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