Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't Lose Out to the Gatekeeper

There will surely be much fufferloo about the timed-for-father's day announcement that moms are the gatekeepers who have been keeping dads from really connecting with their kids. But as often as not in those cases it is the man who isn't working hard enough to take control of the situation.

It has to be remembered that men overcome all sorts of things to connect. Space doesn't have to get in the way, as proven by the Pennsylvania soldier Justin Allenbaugh, who coached his wife through delivery of new daughter Gemma Rose from his posting in Iraq. And, somehow, a Washington, DC gent manages to find time for his kids even though he's pretty busy trying to listen to every voice in the world, as CBS TV will report Sunday morning in "Barack Obama: An American Dad." And, even after death, the good father can still connect with his son and even his granddaughters.

But, still, there are those too-numerous dads who let the moms get the best of us in making kids our own. Probably they're to blame for why dads have so much less spent on them for father's day than moms do for them on MD?

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