Wednesday, June 24, 2009

L, L and the P of H

Today, we celebrate dads as part of our pleasures of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

For life, we celebrate — but probably not in a good sense — the daddies who will learn to be nannies for 15 minutes of fame on Brit tube's "Undercover Dads" (13 weeks of fathers playing reality Mrs. Doubtfires). For liberty, we look to role playing video games, which often feature dads as someone who dies or who must be knocked off in order to gain greater insight (and goodies) for our avatar. And in the pursuit of happiness, we have nothing but praise for David Barry Hendrickson, 71, who just couldn't let his father go ... to the point of continuing to cash $600,000 of checks the government has sent following his 1995 passing — which the government does seem to be a bit pissed about.

Subterfuge, death and larceny. It's sort of the anti-July 4th.

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