Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Protection Racket

Now for the papa protectors.

We begin with the heroic (?) California teens who dragged from their dad's tow truck a woman they believed was their dad's girlfriend. Their parents are separated and they were traveling at the time in a car with their mom, but hopped out to beat the woman, chase her into a nearby hotel and beat up on her some more. And then the police came.

In a bit of a twist, one former protector has turned. A gent named Andrew Young now claims he was faking when he said he was the father of the baby that most people believed actually belonged to former presidential candidate John Edwards. [Earlier: Judgment Days] Neither were married to the mom and both had other children. He's looking for a cool mil to tell his story, but, alas, so far there aren't any takers. Instead, folks looking for the dirt will have to continue to peruse for the dirty parts of Edwards' cancer-stricken wife's book, Resilience.

Or, the person checking for dirt can check the tabloids for the latest, assuming that is, they can get beyond the latest news of whether or not Jon gets the "+ 8" kids [Earlier: J&K + 8 - K = A Better Idea] and how everyone will live in the house, separately. Apparently Jon has decided he has to protect himself.

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