Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crying Dads, Dramatic Movie

Dutch researchers have established beyond a shadow of (their own) doubt that infants of around two months old are 1.29 percent more likely to cry if the father was depressed during the pregnancy.

It is not quite clear what one should take from this ground-unbreaking study. There doesn't seem to have been a look into whether the men were depressed before or after the pregnancy, or just in life. Likely the percent correlates to babies more likely to be overweight if born to men who gain significant weight during pregnancy. Even more likely, it probably correlates to the likelihood of kids who drink or smoke or become accountants if their father did.

Fathers influence everything about their kids from infancy on, except their sex. However, that doesn't keep stupid things from being said along those lines as well. Karl Howman and Ethem Cetintas, writers, directors and producers of the new, soon-to-be-streaming arthouse cine "Fathers of Girls," are, no surprise, fathers of girls. For some reason they seem to believe this makes them experts on the differences between raising girls and boys. Or, as they say in explanation of FoG:

"Being fathers of girls ourselves, Ethem and I often spoke about how different it is to be the father of a girl, as opposed to a boy.” Said Karl, to which Ethem added: “This was a perfect subject matter to be made into a highly emotional drama using traditional methods of cinema that we both enjoy.
Don't count on it ... or, apparently, the utility of Dutch research.

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