Thursday, July 2, 2009

Together in the Workplace

Working father to son can be a dream, as exhibited by the five father-son mutual fund company teams the Wall Street Journal profiled. They talk together, like each other and each seems more successful than the previous.

But not every father and son is ready to work together. A good example are the Jimmy Crews, Sr. at age 64 and Jr. at 41. Over a meat slicer, and an eviction and probably a few other slights and slanders the Crews gents got into a gun fight at the Olustee (Fla.) corral. According to the Baker County: "As the two men were being arrested, the elder Crews told police he would not be calling them the next time. He continued to make threats from the detention center. ...'Y’all are gonna have one hell of a gun fight,' Jimmy Crews Sr. said. 'Next time y’all come, there will be a corpse.' "

Not good for business.

And then there is the middle ground. The MacGrubers, for example, have some issues complicating their workplace that probable should have been worked out better:

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