Monday, August 24, 2009

Boys Toys

Recognizing that boys like toys, Sony is feeding their new products to daddy bloggers — alas, not this one — in the hopes of picking up some solid viral verbiage.

It does need to be noted that dads are not a fan of every toy, so a breastfeeding-ready doll, for example, is not likely a papablogger fave, even for those typers with daughters (or particularly curious sons), or even most male biology teachers. Also worth mentioning in that not every dad toy succeeds, as demonstrated by the sad fate of Chris Kumar PVE toycompany: it started out as a way for him to follow in his late father's footsteps, but has ended up in bankruptcy court . And as one papa toy company goes down, another starts up. Lafayette's (La.) Chris Hume begins his toys for boys (and girls) company with a top that draws.

So, the fathers and toys dreams live on. No word yet whether Sony has stolen the idea for an electronic version they can feed the blogging pops corps.

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