Thursday, August 6, 2009

Escape from Dad's Shadow

Playing at a "theatre" near you everyday is the horror (?) show many kids [barely] live through: ESCAPE FROM DAD'S SHADOW! The stars do change. Currently in repertory is a funkmeister's daughter, manchild of a melodious maven and scion of an action/comedy star.

First up, Ty James, the daughter of passed superfreak Rick James, who is trying to emerge as her own person by bringing her dad's story to both the stage and screen ... possibly giving fathering fool Eddie Murphy another shot at redemption. [Earlier: Accounting] Next, we have Crosby "son of Kenny" Loggins releasing Time to Move the "prize" for winning MTV's "Rock the Cradle" over other kids of musicians who hadn't yet broken out on their own. [Earlier: Rock the Baby] And, finally, we have actor/musician Jaycee Chan trying not quote to break out of dad Jackie's shadow [Earlier: Crazy Monkey] as to actually break into it by starring in his first comedic action film — the type that made pops famous — the currently-in-production "Tracing Shadow."

Will the critics be kind? Will you?

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