Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lack of Interest (?!)

While plugging his latest movie, Funny People, Adam Sandler [Earlier: What's Next, Marriagewise] offered Conan O'Brien the cliche of what it means to have children — in his case two daughters, so far — "Your whole life changes." He also offered the less likely claim that being a father has pretty much ended his interest in sex, which presumably is comedic hyperbole and not something I've experienced or even heard from other men on the street.

If such a loss-of-interest is possible, one can only hope it spreads from Sandler (who with movie may finally be growing up on screen, although admittedly not to the financial reward he garnered acting as the adult baby) to the papas like Levi Johnston, Kevin Federline, Jon Gosselin and others who gained celebrity (and role model status?) through their ability to impregnate. They are not doing us proud.

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