Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Unlikely Papas

While still awaiting Lonesome George (age: ageless) to finally father [Earlier: Fathers Time] there is good news for those who are rather older (i.e., at least a centennial) but still haven't knocked anyone up: Billy, 100, has gotten Tammy in the family way! Tammy (also a tortoise) had avoided Billy's chasing her around the garden for 15 years now, but based on six eggs laid in the mud does appear to have finally given in to making Billy a man (?).

No word yet on George's latest stab at fatherhood, but there is another unlikely father in the news. It's another story of the father becoming a father as Salford (UK) Catholic priest Father Peter McDonough announced his resignation to the folks at St. Joseph's Mission to Deaf People. After a period of reflection, he decided not to claim immaculate conception as an excuse for his four year old boy with an anonymous one-time member of the congregation.

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