Monday, August 31, 2009

News v. News

This weekend brought not only real news — Ted Kennedy was eulogized by his sons; Shinjiro Koizumi took over his ex-Premier father's seat even as his party was clobbered at the polls — but also some intriguing russip (rumor/gossip).

In the most extraordinary theory to be created from the continuing sage of Michael Jackson's children [Earlier: Ashes to Ashes; Crazy to Crazy], Macauley Culkin is projected to be the sperm benefactor for Jackson's youngest son, Blanket. Culkin, best known for Home Alone films and his own family troubles, is alleged (by unnamed Sun sources) to have been chosen by Jackson to father a child because he is the child the pop star always wanted for his own.

In the dad's world, too, there is news and then there is the news we all really care about.

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