Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who? What? Why? Huh?

Some days situations and questions roll in, as clear as the fog along the Maine coast as to who's the daddy and what are his rights? Today's contestants:

Frank Hatley is newly freed from prison. The 50-year-old childless Georgian was found guilty of not paying his share of child support — which he apparently did off and on for many years, even though a court knew he wasnt' the father of the child or partner of the mother. It's not that the state has decided he shouldn't pay, recognizing that he is not the father. They've only decided to recognize that not having a job limits his financial situation ... presumably he'll be on the hook when again employed. Thank God for common sense.

Living in a world completely opposite to Hatley is Dieter Erdelt, who can't even see his daughter, much less pay for her. Iowan Erdelt knocked up an employee, an Amish girl who wed her Amish boy as soon as she learned she was in the family way. The baby was born with the Amishman and husband Schrock listed as the pops on the birth certificate ... and so Erdelt was knocked completely out of the loop according to judges who have said that while Erdelt is the bio dad, he still has no rights to see or support the child.

Also finding himself relatively rightsless is Ray Janssen (described as a handsome, gay Air Force veteran) who Florida courts ruled is the sperm donor, but not the father of a 3-year-old baby boy. In the race for legal fatherhood, he has apparently come in second to the lesbian partner of the mother. While everything was hunky dory between Janssen and his partner and the lesbian two for the first two years after he donated the sperm that became a baby, the gals now want to take off for California-land with the young lad and Janssen is suing to try and stay in his son's life. So far, his legal ability to claim a father's rights appears impotent.

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