Friday, August 21, 2009

FFF Fathers

Celebrating Foul Language Friday we highlight two fathers in the news. First is Louis CK, the comedian who brought his life to the stage as a married guy (and father of two daughters) and has just been signed to take on life as a divorced father, his current relationship status, for a series on Fox to begin shooting in the late fall. It's pretty clear he loves his kids, but also somewhat evident why his comedy hasn't worked on network tv so far. His take on his daughters:

Also spitting out NSFW language (but with a fine backbeat) is rapper Lil' Wayne, who is now on his fourth kid while stuntin like his daddy — two in 2009 — with four different moms. The question to be answered is how many of them will be making him proud stuntin like their daddy (and real daddies, don't try this at home):

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