Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drugs and Dads

Happy endings are not as interesting, but they are more reassuring. So we praise Daddy GaGa, who talked Lady GaGa down from her cocaine habit and, sorta, Canadian Rob Watt, who paid for his daughter's crystal meth habit to keep her from a worse fate and until he could turn her life around as he set his own back on the straight(er) and narrow(er).

However, the story that will get most of the headlines and readers is that of Mitch Winehouse throwing out of bed and house the ex-husband of daughter Amy [Earlier: Good Intentions, Dumb Results]. Father Mitch believes his singer daughter was first enmeshed in drugs through that connection. And few doubt he will lose his battle to keep them apart or that he was wrong when he said, the Rehab singer drug connection hubby Blake will "... kill each other if they got back together."

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