Monday, September 21, 2009

Heads Up

Two children have put their fathers' heads to use. One to the good; one to the grizzly.

An Ohio gent, Jack Hopkins, is growing his hair out until it will be long enough to cut into a wig for daughter Heather, balded by her chemotherapy for cancer. As he told The (Ashtabula, Ohio) Star-Beacon, "[My hair] needs to be eight to 10 inches long and I am just about there. She can have it any time she wants it. This is her hair, not mine. I’ll happily go bald for her."

Somewhere near the farthest extreme from that heartwarming tale is the continuing sagae of
Gregor McGurk, 44, who used pop's cabeza as a football a bit over a decade ago. He hacked it off with a knife and knocked it about a parking lot. To general outrage he will soon be moving his previously (and perhaps still) Scottish schizophrenic self to a lesser security prison. Headlines, obviously, proclaim the outrage.

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